Vision Eye Hospital

Vision Eye Hospital

Jun 09, 2016

Vision Eye Hospital
Vision Eye Hospital

Eye is very important organ of human body. Without healthy eye nobody can do his daily work properly. But this modern age people are suffering from many eye diseases. To give proper treatment of eye there are many eye hospitals have established both private and government in Bangladesh. Vision Eye Hospital is a private eye hospital in Dhaka. Vision Eye Hospital has started its journey in 1999.

Vision Eye Hospital has been working for avoidance of blindness from the society. Main services provided by Vision Eye Hospital are general Ophthalmology, Subspecialty services, Community eye care and poetical services.

Diagnostic facilities of Vision Eye Hospital are auto Refractometry, Keratometry, A-scan, B-scan, Pachymetry, Indirect, Ophthaimoscopy, Visual Field analysis, Color fundus photo, Fundus fluorescein angiography, OCT macula, OCT ONH and RNFL and OCT anterior segment.

Surgical facilities of Vision Eye Hospital are Phaco surgery, Vitro Retinal surgery, Lasik, Laser DCR, Collagen Cross Linking (C3R), Glaucoma Value Implantation and Keratoplasty. All surgeries are organized by most experienced doctors. Vision Eye Hospital uses latest technology for all surgery like 3D OCT.

Main mission of Vision Eye Hospital is originated to initiate advanced technologies in eye care field at a reasonable cost. This hospital always ensures skill, sincerity and loyalty in eye care service. All doctors, surgeons and consultants are highly graduated from Japan and India.

Vision Eye Hospital is very efficient for common eye problems as well as blurring of vision, double vision images, watering and discharge from eyes, itching, burning, pain in eyes, disturbance of looking at light, red eye, prominent eyes, deviation of eyes, disfigurement of eyes, eyelid problem, headache, dizziness, vertigo, lack of concentration in reading, computer vision related problems, cosmetic problem, disfigurement, facial asymmetry and lash misdirection

Vision Eye Hospital prefers social service rather than profitable business. So that people can trust for better treatment from this hospital.

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  • Established 1999
    Product & Service Hospitality
    Address: 3/A, West Dhanmondi, West Satmasjid Road, Dhaka 1205, Bangladesh
    Contact Number: Phone: +8801787659474, +8801199833106
    Fax: 02-9121042
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  • Name: Vision Eye Hospital
    Address:  3/A, West Dhanmondi, West Satmasjid Road, Dhaka 1205, Bangladesh
    Contact Number: Phone: +8801787659474, +8801199833106
    Fax: 02-9121042


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