Square Hospital Ltd

Square Hospital Ltd

Jun 03, 2016

Square Hospital Ltd
Square Hospital Ltd

Square Hospital Limited is the largest hospital in Bangladesh. Square Hospitals Limited is the concern of Square Group.

The Square Hospital is a 400-bed tertiary care hospital. A lot of doctors have joined from Vellore, India. Square Hospital has an experienced and trained nurses and technicians team.

The outdoor department consists of 60 examination rooms of Square Hospital can serve up to 1200 patients regularly. All patients are directly monitored in their waiting times in outpatient clinics, emergency and admissions to ensure most favorable healthcare and hospitality. All services provided by Square Hospital are organized within 15 floor of the main building. The basement 2 and 3 is for car parking and basement 1 is an emergency room for non critical cases.

First and second floor is assembled for OPD clinics with consultation rooms and Physiotherapy center. Third floor is for Radiology and Imaging and outpatient Bone Marrow procedure. Fourth floor is for intensive care unit, Coronary care unit, and endoscopy and bronchoscope suite. Fifth floor assembled including Cardiac surgery, Cardiac surgery and intensive care unit, surgical intensive care unit and post recovery room. Sixth floor is facilitating with twenty four foundation beds, Pathology, Hospital pharmacy and CSSD. Seventh floor is consisting of L and D rooms, Caesarian section, Neonatal Intensive care unit, obstetrics and gynecology clinic etc. Eighth floor arranged for Mother and child care. Ninth floor is the Pediatrics floor. Tenth to fourteenth floor assembled for Telemetry service. The administrative Office is situated at fifteenth floor.

Square Hospital is established in the heart of Dhaka. Square Hospital consists of two buildings on both sides of Panthapath. An over bridge has connected these buildings. The main building of Square hospital is around 450,000sq.ft. The second building is about 136,000sq.ft. Both buildings are assembled with US Building standards and Fire safety. Square Hospital has a roof top Helipad. For this facility emergency patients can reached quickly here.

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