Siddiqia Eye Foundation

Siddiqia Eye Foundation & Phaco Center

Sep 08, 2017

Siddiqia Eye Foundation
Siddiqia Eye Foundation

Siddiqia Eye Foundation & Phaco Center is situated at Mymensingh in Bangladesh. It is a famous eye care center at Mymensingh City. It is an up to date and low cost eye hospital. The eye specialist doctor team takes huge satisfaction in offering complete top in vision care every patient. They use of the most up-to-date equipment for contact lenses, glaucoma, diagnosing cataracts, eyeglasses and other eye diseases. They also provide other eye surgery procedures including LASIK.

Siddiqia Eye Foundation & Phaco Center is ensuring the safety of patients. They maintain the accuracy of the diagnosis by highest concern. The center hosts is the most advanced tools for force surgery, capable calculation of intraocular phaco machines, lens power. They also use the latest version of the zeiss surgical microscope and the latest laser machine. These give the most exact and full information about the patient’s eye before surgery.

The experienced doctors take care of patient by yearly exams and verify for medical problems. People can have their glasses made right here at this foundation. Contact lenses are also available for low cost and can pay through a mail order service. The large optical department and total service on site laboratory recommends are affordable ease for everyone. The devoted and expert staffs will come to know and welcome when patient will admit here.

Emergency problems are always seen on time by an expert team. The ophthalmologist-on-call provides established patients with emergency service for 24/7. They provide services including weekends and holidays.

The location of Siddiqia Eye Foundation & Phaco Center is Sehra Dupakhola Moor, Mymensingh Sadar. This foundation created for all level of people lives in Mymensingh Division. The Siddiqia Eye Foundation & Phaco Center’s Charity creates at home but it continues there. It has held public sales to fund other local causes.

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