Jun 19, 2016


Cholera Research Laboratory is well known as icddr,b was established in 1960 in Dhaka as the South-East Asia Treaty Organisation (SEATO). It is a clinical, laboratory based and health research center. icddr,b is a accountable and responsible organization and committed to the highest standards of performance in medical sector. This organization played a powerful role in notifying national practice and health policies.

Main work of icddr,b is major force on the health of people in Bangladesh. icddr,b is single minded in its search of technical severity and prepared effectiveness. Main mission of icddr,b is to resolve any health problems of public through modern scientific research. The strategic focus of icddr,b supports researches with the humanity’s most urgent public health challenges.

icddr,b is led by an qualified management team and profit from input from globally standard experts in international health and  research global health. icddr,b developed novel products and generated rigorous confirmation that has partial health policy and perform in Bangladesh and worldwide.

Major achievements sectors of icddr,b are oral rehydration solution, zinc treatment for diarrhoea, tetunus toxoid vaccine for mothers, guidelines for treating severe malnutrition, guidelines for treating severe malnutrition testing vaccines, family planning solutions, domestic violence legislation, continuing innovation, mat for measuring maternal blood loss, ultra low cost CPAP device for severe pneumonia and supplementary and therapeutic foodstuffs to prevent and treat malnutrition.

Since the established time staffs of icddr,b have supported several relief labors diagonally Asia, sub-Saharan Africa Middle East and Caribbean. icddr,b has build the ability and capability of scientific and staffs with a unique focal point on developing local research. icddr,b research is maintained by a combination of interior support from donors. The international donors are Canada, Sweden and United Kingdom.

icddr,b is also satisfying to the Government of Bangladesh financial support for long term. icddr,b achieved the ‘Independence Day Award’ in 2005.

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