Chevron Clinical Laboratory (Pte.) Ltd

Sep 17, 2017

Chevron Clinical Laboratory

Chevron Clinical Laboratory (Pte.) Ltd. is the leading private healthcare sources in Bangladesh. It has been working with a strong network from corner to corner of Chittagong division. This industry has been recognized for the healthcare service delivery, customer management, innovation and social responsibility.

It was built on 22nd February in1984 and started operation as an analytical laboratory on 16th February. It is a new scheme in the ground of automated and modern diagnostic services in Bangladesh. Dr.A.A.Ghulam Murtaza is the Managing Director and founding member of this institute. He and his team established the foundation with the exclusive objective of healthcare explanation.

The loss of precious life and the helplessness during the traumatic times of the liberation war followed by the great famine because of lack of proper medical facilities compelled them to embark on the journey of catering to the medical needs of the society.

Chevrons complete collection of investigative services. It has been playing a vital role in helping millions of patients with proper diagnostic services. These diagnostic insights expose new paths to discover and diseases. It also motivates robust activities and improves health care management. Chevron Clinical Lab annually provides one in three people of Chittagong. This institute has five hundred employees. All of them are very skilled and active to serve beat service.

This organization has boasted with above sixty strong teams of advisor physician honorable with MD, MBBS, FCPS, M.Phil and Ph.D degrees. Chevron Clinical Laboratory provides healthcare services, laboratory management, diagnostic modality development and ordering, physician consultation services.

Chevron Clinical Laboratory is the blessing for the Chittagong community. It has awarded and reconditioned from leading industry psychiatrist organizations around the world. The purpose of this institute is not profit. They promise to increase their cracks to support health, reach hope and develop humanity. It is located at Nizam Road, Panchlaish in Chittagong city of Bangladesh.

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    Address: 12/12 OR Nizam Road, Panchlaish, Chittagong 4203
    Contact Number:  (+880-31) 652860, 652963, 652533, 657863, 2550642-45
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  • Name:  Chevron Clinical Laboratory (Pte.) Ltd
    Address:  12/12 OR Nizam Road, Panchlaish, Chittagong 4203
    Contact Number:  (+880-31) 652860, 652963, 652533, 657863, 2550642-45


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