BIRDEM General Hospital

BIRDEM General Hospital

Aug 11, 2016

BIRDEM General Hospital
BIRDEM General Hospital

The only dedicated hospital for the treatment of infinite diabetic patients of Bangladesh is Birdem General Hospital.  Birdem General Hospital has established officially in 1989. Dr Mohammed Ibrahim is the first consideration of diabetic care in Bangladesh.

Birdem General Hospital is consisted of three multi-storied buildings. In the middle of the hospital premise there are a five storied building, on the North side a sixteen storied building and to the South side an eight storied building built. Each building also has facilitated with sufficient number of lifts.

This hospital has indoor and outdoor patients’ treatment facilities. People have to collect tickets from the counter paying required fee or charge. After that treatment procedures will start systematically.

After considering the doctor’s advice patients can get admitted into the hospital. Birdem General Hospital has a wide reputation as a very dependable centre for the treatments of patients of heart disease or eye disease and Diabetes.

For eleven diseases the specialist doctors are available in Birdem General Hospital. There are about three hundred highly trained nurses and forty doctors working respectively in Birdem General Hospital.

Birdem General Hospital is consisted with one hundred and three cabins and seven hundred and forty seven ward based seats are organized for every level of people. Cabins are facilitated with balcony and attached bathroom. Rent of all cabin and seats is in reasonable price.

There is also a Blood Bank at Birdem General Hospital. Inside the hospital there are a number of medicine shops open for twenty four hours.

The surgical operation facilities of Birdem General Hospital are open heart surgery, bypass surgery, kidney, transplantation, valve replacement, uratory lithotomy, gastro stormy, hematology, general surgery, urology and laparoscopy.

Birdem General Hospital also arranges the ambulance services with emergency situations. There are in total nine ambulances always ready to bring patients.

Birdem General Hospital is located beside the Bangabondhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University and to the West of the Dhaka Club at Shahbag circle in Dhaka city. The management of Birdem General Hospital is very strong. So that a lot of people have came to Birdem General Hospital for standard treatments.

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