Al Haramain Hospital

Sep 17, 2017

Al Haramain Hospital

Al Haramain Hospital is a multi-disciplinary hospital at Sylhet in Bangladesh. It is the strongly and expertly provides complete health care.  This Hospital is a sister concern of the world famous perfume brand Al Haramain. This hospital has all the facilities of a modern hospital with an extensive set of facilities and a mixture of specialists, technology and equipment. It has been providing healthcare services through international standards.

Al Haramain Hospital is planned to provide quality health care services to the community of Sylhet. It is an eleven storey building spread over 120,000 square feet floor space. The Hospital has a synergy of advances IT through and medical technology. The skilled nurses, administrators and technologists of Al Haramain Hospital provide a friendly communications. It is a two hundred and fifty bed hospital and will increase to five hundred beds.

The vision of this hospital is to escort the growth of healthcare and be the trusted Medicare provider in Bangladesh. This hospital is equipped with the, surgical, newest medical and diagnostic equipment and amenities. These services are provided by expert medical specializes, trained nurses and technologists using state-of technology. To provide quality health services and to support wellness and humanely reliable with the best service is the mission of this hospital.

The Hospital provides emergency and hospitalization services with fully equipped and supervised by a committed team. There is a modular operation theater covering with Orthopedic, General, Gyane, Special Neuro, and Ultramodern Emergency. The Hospital provides extensive care by ICU, CCU, HDU and PICU care. The dialysis unit provides outstanding care to patients for 24/7.

Al Haramain Hospital has an emergency ambulance service fully equipped with the advanced mobile care equipment. There is a five star restaurant is organized with the best chefs. This hospital is located at Subhani Ghat in Sylhet City.

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