Oct 15, 2017

Health and Hope Hospital

Health and Hope Hospital has been developing a fair flow in the field of medical concern of Bangladesh. This hospital is fighting to establish the ethics of doctors. This hospital was established in 1st May 2004. It aims to provide moral health care to people with reasonable price. It has forty five beds. It is a tertiary health care hospital.

It is a popular multidiscipline hospital. This hospital is basically service to the humanity not profit. It has included specialist doctors of all main disciplines. An ordinary diagnostic centre and other pathology facilities are open for twenty four hours. It has latest and updated equipotent with emergency services. All kinds of general and laparoscopic surgeries are operated here. The hospital introduced health check-up packages in seven separate categories. It creates greater advantage of the patients.

There are three operation theatres with microscope facility available in this hospital. Regular surgeries are operated by specialized doctors. There are two particular centres for the autistic children and children with late milestones. This hospital has become famous for maternal and child care centre. A vaccination centre also established here. It is very famous for plastic and reconstructive surgery.

The management always thinks to achieve the social responsibilities. It is trying to establish a pro-human advance in the arena of curative medical care. The main concern is the nursing staff, medical personnel and professional doctors to help patients always.

Every year a specialist health care camp is arranged by this hospital. This camp provides the special services of all major disciplines. It is a complete hospital with modern technology and facilities. There is a twenty four hours available ambulance services. It confirms correct transportation of patients to any region of the country. Health and Hope hospital is situated in the middle of Dhaka city at Panthopath.

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  • Established  1st May 2004
    Product & Service
    Address:  152/1-H Green Road , Panthopath Crossing Dhaka
    Contact Number:  Phone : +88 02 9145786, 9137076
    For Appointments : 0189494530, 01678131252
    Email  info@healthandhopebd.net
    Facebook  Facebook Page
    Website  www.healthandhopebd.net
  • Our Facilities:

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  • Name:  Health and Hope Hospital
    Address:  152/1-H Green Road , Panthopath Crossing Dhaka
    Contact Number:  Phone : +88 02 9145786, 9137076
    For Appointments : 0189494530, 01678131252
    Email  info@healthandhopebd.net
    Website:  www.healthandhopebd.net


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